Hello Ladies! Welcome to BestRoundBrush.com! We are glad to have you here. Here at BestRoundBrush (BRB), we are providing guide on which is best round brush for blow drying hair. Round brush for dry hair for blowouts is one of the most popular nowadays.  But to blow dry hair, you need a good brush which can blow out your hair properly. And with good round brush you can do it at your home too. But choosing a good round brush is not an easy task, there are many types of round brush are available and the reason here we are providing Best round brush for blowouts. Firstly, we explain you difference between different round brushes and then we will give you best round brush for long hair, short hair and medium hair.

Top 5 Best Round Brush Recommendation

Not for blowouts, to get any good hairstyle, you must have a good brush. Round brush is always good to have as its works smoothly and you can handle it easily. Below is a type of round brush, check out which round brush has what features.

Types of Round Brush

Boar Bristle Round Brush: – You can get boar bristle round brush in ceramic or wood barrel but its best brush to get smooth and shiny blow out naturally. Also, apart from normal synthetic bristles, Boar Bristle round brush gives you extra grip. If you have fine hair than Boar Bristle best to use as it will create smooth and frizz free blow out with any problem. If you are using Boar Bristle for the first time, it will be little tough to adjust with but after using 2-3 times, you will be fine with it.

Ceramic Round Brush: – if you want curly hair or want to blow dry hair straight, ceramic round brush is best. Also, you can use it as curling iron while using it with hair dryer. As the barrel of ceramic round brush heats up with heat wave of hair dryer. It depends on you how you use the ceramic round brush, and upon that it will make your hair curly or straight. You can use it any length of hair and texture, just make sure your brush is vented on the barrel.

Size wise Best Round Brush

Now let’s check out quick guide on for what size of hair needs which round brush. We are breaking out hair size in 3, Short hair, medium and long length hair. If you have long hair you need bigger volume brush and if you have short hair, you need small volume brush.

  • Round Brush for Short Hair: – if you have chin length or short hair, you need to use 25mm to 35 mm size of round brush.
  • Medium Size: – for Medium size hair (chin length to collar tone), you should buy 35 mm to 45mm size of hair brush.
  • Long Hair: – For collar bone length to longer, use 45mm to 55 mm size of round brush.

All the round brush is available in all size, just choose the best one and get smooth and shiny hair blow out easily. So, here is short review of best round brush with size, barrel and brands. These brushes are used by many girls and they have given positive feedback. Round brushes gives you more options and better idea of styling. Check out the round brushes;

Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush

Moroccanoil Ceramic Round BrushMoroccanoil ceramic round brush is best and perfect round brush. It heats up very quickly (but not much to damage your hair), it saves lot of time. The bristles of this brush give you perfect tension when you blow dry hair and you can easily pull through. It has rubber handle which gives you perfect grip and doesn’t slip from your hand.

It’s perfect brush to enhance shine of your hair and available in all sizes. You can create blow out again and again without going to salon. You will love to use and especially if you want to create soft curl in your hair, this is perfect round brush.

  •  25mm Size   | 35mm Size
  •  45mm Size   | 55mm Size



Styling Essentials Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brush

Styling EssentialsDianyi’s styling boar bristles hair brush is perfect round brush to get quick drying. It helps you to get smooth finishing and enhance your hair shining with natural boar bristles (nylon). It’s quite easy to use and you will feel more comfortable with its Professional grade gives you more grip. It’s quite light in weight, perfect for the soft and smooth hair.

It comes in 2.2 inch of size which is perfect for bangs and can work with short hair too. For large volume hair or short, this brush works perfectly. The handle used in this round brush is anti-bacterial and anti-static. The large round can easily create good curl in your hair.

  • 2.2 inch    |  2.4 inch
  • 1.1 inch     |  2.0 inch


Moroccanoil Ceramic Barrel Boar Bristle Round Brush

Moroccanoil Professional Ceramic Barrel BoarIt’s a handmade boar bristle brush with natural premium materials. Very perfect in size, design, light weight and easy to use. Many people have said that they got more shiny and more voluminous hair after using this brush. This round brush has used ceramic barrel instead of wood barrel, which helps you to heat up the barrel quickly, in no time.

You can quickly dry and curl or get straight your hair. Its bit tricky to use but once you get hands on it, you will be fine using it. Its bit costly but last long time and give you prompt healthy hair. If you use it wisely, you can easily use it for next 5 years.

Available Size :-

  • 25 MM | 35 mm |  45 mm


Conair Anti Static Thermal Round Brush

Conair Anti Static Thermal Round BrushYou will just love the smoothness and volume this brush adds it in your hair. It has ceramic coated vented barrel which designed to blow drying and give you best hair style without creating frizz and over drying your hair. This round brush use anti-static technology, which prevent fly away your hair.

You can easily create curl in your hair or get straight and smooth hair with uniquely designed bristle which gives more air circulation space. The handle grip is quite better, doesn’t slip from your hand easily.

Available Size :-

  • 25 MM | 35 mm |  45 mm


Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion Brush

Olivia Garden Nano Thermic Ceramic Ion BrushIf you have long hair and you require long lasting heat in your brush, than this is perfect brush for you.  Most of the salon stylist use Olivia garden ion brush. You will get silky and shiny look naturally with this round brush. And eliminates frizz and avoids flyaways from your hair.

It has extra large vents which create great airflow and reduce the drying time drastically. This brush will make sure that your hair remains healthy and easy to style always.

Available Size :-

  • 3 inches, 2 1/2, 2, and 1 1/2 inches

Some size related terms are bit complex to understand, let we try to explain.

  • The size of the brush is most important. Depends on the size of the best round brush, you can create curl, soft or big curl, voluminous hair and different texture of your hair.
  • Big round brush will give you more voluminous and straight hair. While, smaller the size of the brush, you will get less voluminous hair and curl on your hair.
  • For straight hair, big size brush and for curl, small size brush. To create bend in your hair, you can choose small or medium size of the brush.
  • Using large size of the brush for curly hair will give fluffy and sleek look. It is recommended to use small or medium size of brush for curly hair because; they already have enough volume of hair, so better to go with small size.

These are the top 5 best round brush for blow outs; we hope our guide for choosing round brush will help you.  We are going to add more articles on hair style tutorials, keep visiting BestRoundBrush.com.