How to Choose Right Hair Brush for Right Job?

When i first time Google about best hair brush, there are many types of hair brush available on amazon too. Like Ceramic Round Brush, wooden boar bristle round brush, paddle brush, teasing brush, healthy hair brush, heat resistance, wide tooth and many more. It was so confusing to choose right hair brush. So, to remove that confusion, i went to hair stylist friend (Brandan klodig), she explained me everything.

Here is guide on how to and when to chose what Hair Brush. We have listed major types of hair brush which will help you to find it when to use them.

Moroccanoil Professional Ceramic Barrel BoarBest Round Brush: – Round brushes are important to have in your collection. As it helps you to get perfect blowouts in your hair and create more tension & gets you better smooth blowouts in short time. Round brushes available in different size and style. Do check out our collection of Best Round Brush for Blowouts. It also helps you to get bend, curl and perfect bounce in your hair. Do check out our guide on how to choose Best Round Brush for Blowouts.


Wooden Boar Bristle Round Brush


Wooden Boar Bristle Round Brush – As the name suggest, this brush has natural bristle, of wooden type that helps you to create more tension in your and makes your hair more shiny. Wooden Boar Bristle Round Brush is perfect for those who have fine hair. To give more volume to your hair, you must go with wooden boar bristle brush.


Moroccanoil Ceramic Round Brush


Ceramic Round Brush – While curling iron your hair, using ceramic round brush, you can easily heat up the ceramic barrel to get good blowout. You can use this brush; all kind of hair, size can use ceramic round brush. Its easy and comfortable to use ceramic barrel but only thing you need to take care is do not stop brushing your hair, keep continuously brush your hair while using it with ceramic round brush. Only hold it where you want curl in hair.


teasing-brushTeasing Brush – To give volume up and taut, we use teasing brush. Teasing brush are made of nylon bristles, with special design that at different height, bristle grab your hair when you comb your hair. Only caution you need to do is always brush DOWN while using teasing brush, if you brush up and down, it might break your hair and knot up.



Paddle Brush – Paddle brush is most common and everyone knows it. You can use paddle brush for wet or dry hair to knots and tangles it. Just hold your paddle brush and brush it in vertical position. Or you can use it horizontal to get straight smooth blowout with no bends.


vented-paddle-brushVented Paddle Brush – To get dry hair quickly, we can use vent paddle brush. This is similar to paddle brush, just that it has it does not have solid base, it has vents that allow air to go through your hair while brushing.  But can’t use it to get blowouts, for blowouts, we need round brush.





Healthy Hair Brush – The design of healthy hair brush is almost like paddle brush but to get healthy hair, this brush will distribute oil in every part of your hair.  From scalp to end of your hair, this brush will massage your scalp to get healthy hair. Healthy hair brushes are good for before bed usage.





Wide tooth Comb – To get less damage, you can use wide tooth comb after bath. To remove curls, its perfect comb to use. Few people use it while washing hair or while using conditioner while having shower.





Heat Resistance Carbon Comb – To stop melting and bent out of shape while flat ironing your hair, its good to use heat resistance carbon comb.  To get perfect straight look, use heat resistance carbon comb. Just place it in front of your flat iron and move down in your hair.



These are the Types of hair brush and guide when to use what hair brush. For more updates on hair care related, keep visiting us.