Salon Style Perfect Hair Blowouts in 5 Minutes at Home

Do you want to get Perfect Blowouts like Salon Style? Here is Tips to get salon style blowout at home with help of Best Round Brush and Hair Dryer. We have Brandan klodig (blog editor) who have 7 years of experience in Hair Style salon. She has explained a perfect method to get blowouts at home in salon style. Many of our ladies did try at home to get blowouts but most of them failed to get salon style blowouts. So, here we have Brandan klodig who gave us guide to get perfect hair blowouts at home.

If you want gorgeous hair blowouts, you need a perfect round brush. We have listed Top 5 Best round brush list as per Brandan klodig’s recommendation and Best hair dryer too which can quickly dry your hair and create more negative ions. After you get both of the things, you are ready to have salon style perfect blowouts at home easily. With help of our tutorial, you can easily get best blowouts at home within 5 minutes. Do try.

How to Get Salon Style Perfect Hair Blowouts in 5 Minutes at Home

perfect blowout hair

Step 1 :- Get few drops of serum in your hand and rub it. Create a coating of serum in your hand. So, when you use your hand to get blowouts, it will shine your hair too. We recommended you to use “Nexxus Humectress Moisture Encapsulate Serum 2.36 oz” as its best serum for your hair. This serum will easily wrap around your round brush and efficiently hydrated and will have better brush glide. In other words, it simply helps you to comb faster than before.

Step 2 :- divide the hairs in two section. Upper part and bottom part. Apply serum on bottom part (from midway to end of hair). Get 2-3 inch of hair in one palm and start coating few inches of bottom part hair. This will help you to create more smoothness in your hair. Your hair will simply shine and become smooth if they are thick. Use alternate hands and head side of hair and apply serum till end of the hair.

Step 3: – On the bottom section of your hair, get your round brush and move the brush quickly. (As after applying serum, it will be quite smooth). Put your Hair Dryer Nozzle on the round brush and keep moving the round brush from midway to bottom. Keep repeating it till you cover all your hair. Keep moving the bristles of hair brush and get slightly curved shape at the end of the hair. While doing this, make sure you have slow heat hair dryer. Please don’t use high heat hair dryer while blowout, it might damage your hair. On dry hair, high heat is not needed.

Step 4 :- Now you need to use pin curl. Using pin curl, you need to pin 2-3 inch of hair section.  Just cool down your hair after getting heat. Pinning with pin curl will create more smoothness and lock the shape you want. If you have flying hair problem, you can get rid of it using pin curl. Its bit time consuming process but if you wrap hair underneath, you can make it in few seconds.

Step 5:- After doing a lot in bottom section, now its time to move to upper section of hair. Now you need to pin curl top section of hair. Repeat the step3 and 4 until you get all hair pin curl. See, we are doing this to get perfect shape of your hair in blowouts. It helps you to keep it longer.

Step 6 :- Now after few minutes, remove the pins and using paddle brush, slowly brush your hair from top to bottom. Please use the brush with bristles. This step is followed to get separation in hair and get more movement. Using less populate hair brush like Moroccanoil ceramic bristle round brush, you can get perfect blowouts.

That’s all from our tutorial on to get Perfect Hair Blowouts like Salon Style At Home. Hope we have explained the method correctly. IF you have any question, you can ask us on comment below.