What is a blowout? Do’s and Don’t s with Blowouts

Blowout is nothing but a new hairstyle technique which blow dry your hair using a round brush and hair dryer. Before that you need to do shampoo your hair and to use moisture serum to shine your hair. If you done a perfect hair blowout, it can last up to 5-6 days. If you want to get new look everyday with your long and healthy hair, you can do blowout your hair at home too. Its just a myth that you need to visit best salon to get perfect blowout.

What is a blowout? Do’s and Don’t s with Blowouts

What is a blowout

We have already posted the 5 Step Guide for how to get salon style hair blowout at home.  So, next time when you need to visit any wedding or any birthday party, don’t worry for new hairstyle, you can do your hair blowout in5 minutes at home.

Yes, there are some tools require to do blowout at home. But trust me, its quite cheaper than your single visit to salon. All you need is a Perfect Round Brush and a Best hair Dryer. Both the tools can be bought on amazon, which might cost only $99 max. You can then use blow dry spray or serum to get shiny hair before doing blowout at home. If you are going in salon, than nothing to say.

As per our guide, for the first time, you can do perfect hair blowout at home easily. This process might take up to 15-20 minutes at home. Its perfectly safe and does not harm your hair at all.

Do’s and Don’t s with Blowouts

  • Do invest in better hair dryer and round brush. 2000 watts of hair dryer can easily dry out your hair. Like salon, they use 2000+ watt of hair dryer and good round brush which creates more
  • When you blow dry your hair, put hair dryer at low speed and give high heat. Use the perfect nozzle to give funnel air at one direction.
  • Do use hair pins to get perfect hair shape.
  • Don’t use over size hair brush. We have provided guide on size wise round brush. Whatever you need 2 inch brush or 2.5 inch, do check our guide at homepage.
  • Don’t overuse any styling products. Have seen many girl who overdoes serum in hair for shining hair. Don’t use too much, using less product, you can get longer and better blowout.

FAQs Related to Hair Blowout

Q :- Can i get Curls on Hair?

A :- yes, you can get waves, curls or straight hair, whatever you need. You can do with blowouts easily.

Q :- Does hair spray Harm our hair?

A:- Not at all. It does not harm neither gives you stiff hair. Use the hair spray minimum, you can get perfect hair style.

Q:- Can i get perfect blowout at home, like salon style?

A:- of course! Just follow our Guide on Salon style hair blowout at home, you can do it easily at home too.  Just make sure you have all the tools to get hair blowout.